Recent projects

Recent projects

Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 25, 2016
Summer's Coming to an End!!!

I know, it's hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is just around the corner!!!! We have spent the summer fixing, painting and packing to sell our house and move!!! I will talk more about that later.  What I want to do in this post is to introduce you to a very special friend and wonderful fabric artist!

Her name is Jacqueline Jamison, Jackie for her friends!!! We met in 2015, at the Mountains and Valleys class of Judith Baker Montano, in La Veta, Colorado. There were only 4 of us in that class, but we all struck up some great friendships.  So you can imagine my delight when Jackie said she wanted to visit me this summer, and she lives in New Jersey!!!! When she arrived, I asked her if she brought any projects to share. Well, did she ever!!!

So we went down to the basement, where my sewing room "used to be," and she kept me enthralled for hours!!!

As she brought out one project after the other, I asked permission to take photos and post them to my blog for others to enjoy!!! 
Jackie crazy quilts many of her backgrounds, vertically for her Under the Sea projects, and then she embellishes with a very 3-D effect. She uses many different fabrics, threads, and more.  Jackie has even bought toys on Amazon and then remakes them for her projects!!!!

Here are some of my favorites, which is extremely hard to narrow down!!!
Being the beach bum that I am, this piece really spoke to me! The crab is one of those toys that she took apart, used the legs, and made her own body!!! I love the use of cheesecloth for the sea foam, and the organza for the water!!! I can stare at this all day!!!!

Here's one of her vertical cq Under the Sea...I love the way she uses cut out pics of fishes and turtles, some under cheesecloth to add dimension. Lots of movement!!!
 Here's a wonderful piece with porpoises surrounding a mermaid. What wonderful hair, her body and sparkling netting for the tail!!!

I love the use of netting in different colors for the movement in this piece! Again she lays some of her fish under the netting to get dimension!!!

This next piece is so much fun!!! Jackie collects real wool sweaters from thrift stores, and use them to make these rocks. And more crabs that she made, along with yarn for the squigglies!!!! I love the beading Jackie has between the rocks!!!

 Jackie is not shy about trying something to see if it will look good...and some of those have been sold to friends and family. 

She is also experimenting with trees, animals and other subjects.  Please be sure to visit her facebook site for lots more pictures.  Jackie will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Since I had several comments on the 3D effect of Jackie's work, I had her send me some close-up pictures.
I just love the beading she does on her beaches!!!! And look at the crab!!!!

Can you see the detail work, and the 3D effect of everything?
Doesn't that water look so cool? Like you can feel it? And again, the beading!!!
And of course, her crabs....She even finds the eyes on the internet!!!!

Thanks, Jackie for sharing your wonderful projects with me!!! I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. I could sit in your sewing room and learn from you for months!!!! 

Thanks for visiting!!! 
Keep stitching!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Beach Therapy"

May 28, 2016
    Well, lots of things have been happening in my world of Crazy quilting journey!!!  One of my favorite projects has been my "Beach Therapy."  As many of your already know, my mother, who passed away a couple years ago, had been a painter all her life, and this is one of my favorites of the beach.  You can visit my pinterest board of more of Nita Faulconer's paintings. I will be using more of her pictures in future projects.

    So this picture has won a 4th place ribbon in the Idaho State Fair last year, and now this May it won 3rd place at the Pocatello Art Center. I had it entered in the Mixed Media category:
My friend, Carolyn, who took 1st place with a silk screen has taken crazy quilting classes from me.  Congratulations, Carolyn!!!!

    When I went to pick up my piece, I learned that the month of June is devoted to Streams, lakes and the sea!!!  It's not a competition, but a chance to show and maybe sell your artwork. So I took back to the center the same day, my Under The Sea picture that had been featured on Pamela's Crazy Quilt Calendar. You can still purchase any issue by clicking on the link. Lots of talented ladies and beautiful eye candy!!!

   Will keep you posted if this should sell, but won't be heartbroken if it doesn't as it is one of my favorites!!!

  I was proud to be included in the latest issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly, with my article on Cottage Dreaming.  My article is on page 4, but be sure you read the whole magazine, including Betty Pillsbury article (page 5), along with Kathlein Klein's Beaded Butterfly tutorial (page 6), which I do intend to learn! Lots more eye candy, as usual in the whole issue!!! Thanks, Pamela for another great issue!!!!

This is my Cottage piece, still needs a bit of touch up, and be framed.  This was my 3rd class from Judith Baker Montano.
  Yesterday I visited a garage sale and struck gold!!!  Turns out the lady having the garage sale has been a crazy quilt student of mine!! She told me that she had some Japanese silk that I might want, and went into the house to get it.  All white silk, 14" wide, in one long loop, and probably 10 yards...for only $30!!! I just couldn't resist it!!! So glad my hubby called me to come see her garage sale!!!! This will find it's way in many future projects either dyed, painted or printed!!!!

It even has a Japanese stamp on it, which I will cut off and save!!!
   Well, next month I hit a milestone, I will be 65 and eligible for Medicare!!!  How did that happen!!!?  Not ready for it!!! But it is going to be a whirlwind of a summer, my husband has something special planned for my birthday in June, and in July we will make a second trip to Medford, Oregon as our new destination and hopefully move by the end of the summer!!!! So I may not post another blog till September or later, depending on the timing of everything!!!

  Have a great summer, and stay healthy and stitch!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Valentines!!!
Well, it's hard to believe that we are already into February!!! We just got back from two weeks traveling in Oregon! Naturally, I visited several quilt shops along the way. I will give you a short list here, just in case you find yourself traveling in Oregon. I know I didn't get to all stores available, but here goes.
We landed the first evening in Bend, Oregon. Got in late, so we hit the bed, but up bright and early the next morning. We had to see Mt. Bachelor for the ski fanatic in my hubby. That was way too much snow for me!!! Just notice how high the snow is near the truck!!!!

 Now, you can't go to Bend, and not go to Sisters, Oregon! And I had my second visit at the Stitchin' Post! So much fabric, classes and outstanding art quilts on the walls. It was hard, but I only bought a few pieces of fabric/threads. I knew I still had two weeks ahead of me!!!!
These fabrics will do wonders in my Under The Sea projects. Be sure to visit their web site and Facebook site!
From Sisters, we headed over to near Eugene, and then down Freeway 5 to Medford, Oregon, which is only about two hours from the California border. In fact, when we went a little south to Mt. Ashland, we could see Mt. Shasta from where we were!
I visited a wonderful quilt shop in Jacksonville, Oregon, that had hundreds of beautiful quilts for sale!
Country Quilts, and lots of small gifts ideas for your quilting friends!

Then in Ashland, Oregon I came across Sew Creative, where I was greeted with such friendliness from Jeanette and Mary. I didn't meet the owner, but these two ladies were so helpful. They loved my artwork, and had some crazy quilt books in the store! And look at the Kaffe Fassett fabrics I bought. They had the whole collection, and it was really hard to hold back!
Then latter in the day, back in Medford, we found Cottage Quilts.  Carolyn McCray, the owner, is a crazy quilt enthusiast, and she fell in love with my work, as I fell in love with her store!!! And I fell all over the ribbon embroidery she has stocked.
I have a huge stash of ribbon embroidery, but I have to have some of these colors.  At least, now I know where I can go back for lots more!!! Thanks, Carolyn for your warm hospitality! California sisters that we are, I will be back!!!

The next day, we took a trip to the coast, only 2 1/2 hours away, but you end up in the tip of California!
  South Coast, Oregon is so beautiful, and now one of my favorite spots of the West Coast! I visited Country Keepsakes Quilt Shop, and I was thoroughly impressed with the whole shop and the reception I received from Laurie Mitts. She really has a very active store set up for retreats and teachers! I will be back, Laurie.
Then it was time to hit the road for Depoe Bay, on the coast, where we were going to be staying for 8 days. WorldMark Depoe Bay,  is set along a beautiful spot on the coast.
We didn't have access to walk the beach, as you can see, very rocky. But it was wonderful listening to the surf day and night!
 Yes, it rains a lot, but not necessarily all day, sometimes only an hour and then the sun would come out. Best of all, the temperatures were in the 50's or more!
 Our view from our room. We purposely chose the first floor, so we could walk out of our room and feel the spray from the surf!
It was amazing to us, to see green grass in January/February!!! Not possible in Idaho!!!
In Newport I found a couple more wonderful fabric stores. Quilters Cottage, is another wonderful shop. Monica gave me another wonderful reception and has taught Crazy Quilt classes herself!
Here's a couple she has in her shop:
The next stop found me at Quilter's Cove and Holly Nevins was fun and friendly and had some wonderful sea fabrics! She has a wonderful online store here:

One event I would miss, by having to go home, is the Quilt Run 101!!! As you can see on their home page, there are a lot more quilt stores than I even got to!!! Which is another reason for another trip to Oregon!!!

Although I wasn't focused on bead stores, and had seen some on my travels, but I only made it to one! Beluga Beads has a wonderful large inventory of all kinds of beads!!! And they do shipments, so be sure to visit their website!

I have been working on my CQJPChallenge 2015, a Peacock theme, all year. I took the last four blocks with me to embellish.  I didn't get them finished, but I did get some stitching in.
And here are the four that I still need to finish!!!

Well, thanks for visiting, and check back for pictures of finished blocks!!! Be sure to click on the highlighted sites to go to their websites and look for them on Facebook!!!


Saturday, October 31, 2015

  This piece is one that I crazy quilted, and my good friend, Nicki Seavey embellished...hanging on my front door this month!!!

October 31, 2015  

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!!

 Well my last crazy quilt class has just finished and it was another wonderful experience for me and the students!  I always get to the classroom early to set up before everyone arrives.

Table is set up with lots of fabrics for them to choose their own colors...

I use my heading for my blog on the screen to greet them as they arrive.


Lots of new faces this year, along with a couple that joined the class from previous classes!

I change my table displays each week to show them what I work on!
 Showing students what RR work looks like from others on Crazy Quilt Divas!
A couple pictures of me demonstrating stitching!
Carolyn, below, took my class before, and acted as my facilitator for this class. This is her second block she did on her own. I think she has a great eye for color!
 Rita below, did really well and enjoyed learning all new stitches!
 Jackie, also did really well, but she didn't want her picture taken!!!
Diane was a returning student and I would say she is hooked on crazy quilting!!!

Roberta, another "don't take my picture" gal, showed a knack for creativity also!

Debbie, filled her square, and I would say that smile says she is happy!!

 J'neane is quite the accomplished quilter and showed a true knack for crazy quilting!

 Valerie with great concentration, did a marvelous job on her cq square!

 Wendy, studying her block did some beautiful stitching!

J'neane brought a quilt she had made to share with the class on the second week! Absolutely beautiful! and thanks for sharing, J'neane!!!
Well, it was a great class, and it's always sad when the four weeks zip by!  But I have set up a Marshall Library stitching day for the 19th of November, noon to 4pm....see all you wonderful stitchers there!!!
I spent the whole day cleaning and organizing my sewing room and now I am ready to get caught up on several of my own UFO'S!!!!!
Thanks for visiting!!!