His Love Story in the Stars

His Love Story in the Stars
2020 Challenge: His Love Story in the Stars!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

 March 23, 2022

Hard to believe I haven't done a post since last July...but then that means I have been busy stitching and have several projects to share with you today!!!

Where to start? Last summer, in doing garage sales I met a wonderful who has become a special friend.  When I gave her my card, she asked if I had ever been to Kasha Quilts. Well, since I hadn't heard of the place, we made a date for the trip to a museum in Genesee. https://visitidaho.org/things-to-do/museums-galleries/kascha-quilts/ 
Meeting Karen Hagen was a wonderful experience, as not only does she have a great personality, but she is a very accomplished quilter! Not only has she made traditional quilts, but also many art quilts along with crazy quilts. You can visit her at her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kascha-Quilts-107625174400248/

With over 450 quilts of her own making...it is very hard to pick out favorites. Of course, I fell in love with her crazy quilts. Here's one she made, and has worn in the past.

One of her Under the Sea quilts is just spectacular.

But one I really fell in love with, is her crazy quilts with clowns...all done in velvets! It's a very heavy quilt naturally. It's cleverly done with the shape of the clowns making the pieces match to others.

Here, is Karen showing us the pieces of the quilt.
Well, then I made a gift for my friend, Lynn for introducing me to Karen who then introduced me to the Palouse Quilters Guild and I was invited to do a show and tell.

I made this pillow for Karen,  the picture in the center is one done by Annette Eldon Graves, https://www.facebook.com/annette.graves. She is not only a wonderful crazy quilter herself, but a wonderful artist. 

This is the back of the pillow. I named the piece, Enjoy the Journey.

Then I made a hanging piece as a thank you gift for Karen, using her picture of her quilt, and played off all of those colors and theme. I titled it, "Where are the Clowns?"

I also received the peacock from Nicki Seavey and just had to use it! 

I call this one Look For His Signs!!!

Then in November, I bought a T Shirt, and I loved the quote so much, that I photographed the picture on the shirt, and printed it out on fabric to make a wall hanging. 

Then in church one morning, we sang the song "I Raise a Hallelujah in the presence of my enemies".

So it just seemed like the words to the song matched the theme that was developing in my mind.

I found charms to match the words, along with charms of musical notes!

Then in November and December I realized I had no wall hanging for the Holidays. Even though I have a crazy quilt under my tree, I wanted something for the entry way.

So I made one for Christmas.

Since there are three kittens on the quilt, Sonny, Mikey and Goldie. And this being our first Christmas with no pets, I decided to make it their tribute!

And then I wanted one that could be hanging on the wall into January for what is usually our snow month!

I call this one His Winter Star!

Then in February, I felt a subject tugging at my heart. Though I have not raised any children, that doesn't mean I don't feel very strongly how our children have been treated in this travesty that we have been in worldwide. 

You don't have to believe like I do, but I have studied and seen the 120 medical studies that have said for over 20 years, that masks do not block viruses. Even surgeons know they wear them to stop sneezing into an open wound. But it is beyond me why anyone who would put masks on children. The main way they learn the world around them is by learning to read faces. 

So I made this quilt, called "Suffer His Little Children." After all, God is the one who creates and blesses families with children. And He has much to say about them in the Bible.

This is the top half. The labels in brown were too dominate in white, so I dyed them with coffee!!!

This is the middle.

This is the bottom half.

This quilt is 20" by 30".

Well that catches you up to what I have been into for the last several months. But have no fear, there is already a new project on my table!!

Have a great year, thanks for visiting. 
And as always, Happy Stitching!!!
BJ Sandusky

Tuesday, July 6, 2021


Happy July 4th to the United States of America!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration this past weekend...we did!! Since it was a milestone of being a year and a half past diagnosis, it was special to us...and in our town, they shoot the fireworks over the river, giving awesome reflections!!!

A couple months ago, Sandy, my husband, asked if I would make something for his wall in his office. He wanted something Southwestern to reflect our trips to Arizona. So I said sure, I had already been collecting such ideas.

This picture from the internet was my "inspiration"...

I love the orange sky, with the purple mountains. So I was ready to start.

First I collected fabrics together, surprisingly, I seem to gravitate to mostly batiks!

I couldn't resist the sunset fabric, then I cut the mountain fabrics, and then crazy quilted the foreground.

Then I had to collect the doodads needed!!!

Then I found real Cholla wood, cactus skeletons...you can find almost anything on Etsy!!!

Once I got my "picture" in place, I felt it needed a frame of sorts...

So I made strips of foundation to crazy quilt in a simple pattern...choosing the same color palette and matching up oranges with the sunset colors, and the ground with darker colors. 

So now it has a basic frame. I added the second upper cacti because my depth of perception was off without them...always pays to go back and look at your original inspiration idea!!

The Blue Shibori Silk ribbon represents a river flowing out of the mountains, Sandy's idea!

My friend Nicki Seavey sent me the little scraps of lace that look like small cacti...so perfect!!! Thanks Nicki, they really added a special touch to the whole piece!!!

So now the wrap up!!! I will post the final picture and then some close-ups! We still need to frame it, may go to Michaels and have it put on a stretch canvas....don't know yet...

This above, is the upper left, I did stitches on all the seams in the border, and then added charms for each one.

I just love the little cactus skeleton, maybe there will be more on the final frame!

Last month was a milestone birthday for me...just turned 70!!! Sandy surprised me with a River Boat Cruise on the Snake river! It was a great day!!!

Thanks for visiting...now that my sewing table is empty, it's time to start thinking of a new project!!!
Stay tuned!!!

Happy Stitching...check out my Flickr site also!
BJ Sandusky

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


May here is blooming with Dogwood trees everywhere and azaleas are also in full bloom. I love all the colors!

January started us out in a sad mode, with having to put Mikey and Goldie down on the same day. Both were 19 1/2 years old, brother and sister. Now have joined Sonny at the Rainbow Bridge. First time in 50 years we have no pets in the house. 

Here I am with Mikey on my lap, and Goldie next to me, last summer after surgery!!!

 Here is Sonny, Goldie and Mikey, all siblings.Now in Rainbow Heaven and we missed them dearly.

Sonny lefts us February 28th, 2015.

February was a month of celebrating for us, even while we mourned losing our three buddies. We bought our house on February 14th 2015. And I went through breast cancer surgery February 14th, 2020. So our emotions were all over the place that month! Cancer Free today!!!

After having a flat space in my creativity...I decided to get back in by finishing several UFO's!!! So below is one I started a while back. The original fabric was bought back in 2005. I just fell in love with it and had to have it. I got it at Hancock Fabrics, which has closed in Idaho. I just love the Jewel Tones of these colors!

 I first started this project to be a tote bag. So I made a square to be front and back. I used the colors in the original piece to match other fabrics to. 


After adding some embellishments, I then proceed to the stitching, adding beads and buttons. 

With stitching finished, it was time to border and back the pieces. I finally decided to sew them together and make a hanging out of it instead of the tote bag. I felt the embellishments might get knocked off as a bag.
How the front turns out, with a Metallic/Rayon thread from Sue Spargo! It's got sparkles!


And here's the back...

                                                            Here's three close-up pictures: 

Success!!! Hanging on the hallway wall!!!!
Also, available this month is our Crazy Quilt Magazine, Lisa Boni is publisher. You can order by clicking on the title and it will be sent to your home. My 2020 Challenge quilt, called "His Love Story in the Stars" is featured on the front cover, and an article within on how I put the quilt together. Hope you will support Lisa in purchasing the magazine. I can promise you, it's loaded with lots of fabulous artists!
Thanks for visiting...Happy Stitching...and stay healthy!!!
BJ Sandusky