His Love Story in the Stars

His Love Story in the Stars
2020 Challenge: His Love Story in the Stars!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2023

 Well, our lives have taken on a new journey....we added two fur- babies to our family....Meet Callie and Stormy...

Callie, the Calico, is a month older than Stormy.

Stormy, though younger, she is learning really fast from her new sister.

We knew we were getting closer to wanting some new kittens, when after Christmas we went into Helping Hands Adoption Rescue people and immediately fell in love with these two.  They both were relaxed in our arms so we felt they would be great together. But I told them the foster moms needed to keep them one more week, while I took down the Christmas tree and decorations and Kitten-proof my house! I removed all crystal, toxic plants and more.
Callie, adapted immediately and started exploring the whole top half of  the house and mapping it all out. Stormy immediately found the only hole we didn't see....right behind the washer and dryer!!!
Well, Sandy got her out, and put up a board to block the space, but for at least a week I kept the cats pan in the hallway of the entrance way, because she would not go in the laundry room. 
Now she is fine.
But the first 3 days Stormy stayed under the recliner in our living room, or under the bed at night. But she had not yet walked down the hallway, I had been carrying her each time. About this time we realized she must be younger than Callie, so I text her foster mom, and she confirmed that Stormy was born around the first of October, while Callie was born around the end of August!!! So now we realized we needed to nurture her more as a baby!!! Callie has been a big help there...she has taught her to be less fearful, chasing each other down the hallway and back again. Now she owns the place.
Both sleep on the bed at our feet. Then in early morning they come up to sleep at our pillows. We are so glad we got both of them and not just one!!!

Ever since we moved up to Lewiston and started exploring our new adopted home town, we learned about the area called the Palouse. Click on the word and learn all about it.
It covers a wide area of Eastern Washington and Western Idaho. All 18,100 square miles!!!
So here are some pictures of the Palouse in all four seasons.

Spring time is lovely greens...

Summer the greens are changing...

Autumn is harvest time and lots of golden browns...

Winter is awesome with the whites, that can also look blue, purple and pink!!!

While we have seen lots of photographers and painters work of the Palouse, it has been my goal to do a crazy quilt piece. But how to make it look like a landscape?

One day, I came across Karen Eckmeier on you tube. She also has a book titled, Accidental Landscapes! Well I was hooked!!! She makes landscapes so easy to do. 

Never one to stop with just one book...I started studying how others do landscapes.

But most of these are more traditional styled quilting.

I knew I needed to adapt these ideas with crazy quilt techniques. I printed off a couple pages of pictures of the Palouse to see all the colors.

For the sky I decided to use a cloth that was pinted as a sky!!!

I chose a piece of cardboard, had my hubby cut it to the right fit.

There's batting on the back and front of the cardboard, with the back fabric brought forward to make a border. Just need to add loops to the back to hang.

Now I will do some close-up pictures to show detail of different techniques used and who I learned them from!

The lime green is a strip of Sari silk, folded in half, with the frayed edge sticking up on purpose...I learned this technique from Rashberry Stitches who does such beautiful work!

The Cattails are from a type of yarn I finally found after searching many years, from Vicie Tobin. If you cut them just right, they look like cattails!!!

You will see lots of "rocks" that I have collected, and again inspired by Rashberry Stitches!!

More rocks!!! And in the middle of the picture, the weird shaped light brown piece and the pink piece next to it, are coconut wood chips!!!  The Laces are all from my friend and fellow crazy quilter, Barbara Nicki at RavioleeDreams. You can also see more ribbon with the raw edges sticking up!!!

More rocks, etc.

Of course, I have to have my shibori in every piece I do!! But it also represents the fields lines as they have been plowed!!!

About this time I came across the post that Betty Pillsbury did on embellishing driftwood...

And she referenced Salley Mavor of Wee Fold Studios and her work!

Needless to say, I became obsessed. Over the years, friends like Pat Winter have sent me piece of driftwood from their walks on the beach. So I have a few to work with.

The top one, you can still see the felt on the edges.

But when I saw the video of Betty's and how she used chinile threads, I knew I had to try.

Last tip, when doing a blind hem stitch around the border, while working on cardboard, you have no play, so a half circle needle is a must!!!

Thanks for visiting....time for lunch with Sandy, and Naps with our fur babies...any corrections needed will be done after that, but I just wanted to give you a chance to see this post.

Happy Stitching!!!
BJ Sandusky

Monday, October 3, 2022


Happy Autum Days are here again!

Hard to believe, but it's October already!!!! It has been a very busy, fun and productive crazy quilt year for me!!!
Became great friends with Cindy Wattenbarger when she commissioned me to make her a version of my "Never Forget" patriotic piece. I added a few charms that made it personal for her.

The back fabric gave me the idea to title it "Long May She Wave." It was a very fun piece to do.

Pat Winter had made a post on Crazy Quilt Divas Facebook, that if we put a block together, she would do the embellishing. 

Obviously, the theme is all about Dragonflies!!!!

September is our local county fair month! And I decided to see how many quilts I could get in the show.
By choosing different categories, from hand embroidered to crazy quilt with hand stitching, I was able to enter 6 recent quilts. I was completely blown away when all 6 took a First Place ribbon, with one also getting a Creativity Award.

"Yellowstone Memories", judges comments: Very nice, love materials used; remarkable design. Fabrics were purchased at West Yellowstone Fabric and Yarn in West Yellowstone.

"I raise a Hallelujah", judges comments, love the embroidery, and needle work.

"His Winter Star", judges comments: stitching is nice; creative and imaginative; feels a little too busy, hard to figure out what the theme is.  Really????

"Our First Christmas without our three", judges comments: Beautiful Project!

"Suffer His Little Children", judges comments: Such Variety! Lovely Wall Hanging and stitching very nice! This one had a business card attached from a local business that fell in love with it and wants to diisplay in their business. Which we will do in November.

"I will see a victory, because the Battle Belongs to You, Lord", judges comments: Love the design;Nice blanket stitches on pictures; theme and use of pics great; like the way you tacked it down; end corners could be tacked down by hand. (they were!) This one recieved two awards!!! Also recieved a $25 gift certificate to shop at Patrick's Crafts and sewing store in Clarkston, Washington!!!

Even Sandy recieved a ribbon...an old damaged frog, we were going to throw away. He decided to recycle it by painting it...Ain't he cute!!!

That brings my ribbons up to a count of 19!!! You can see the others from past years on my Flickr site!!!

Recently I have fallen in love with watching videos by Rashberry Stitches on her Facebook site. She is so creative with her creations. I admired her work and consequently she saw mine, so we decided to make a swap. I created a Under The Sea project for her in her color choices.

I wanted one of her scenes in tourquoise and lavender, the colors of my sewing rooms.
Check out her videos!

At the end of this month I am teaching a Crazy Quilt Class again!!!

As always, thanks for visiting...lots more in the works for next year already!!!

Happy Stitching,
BJ Sandusky

Friday, July 29, 2022

July 29, 2022


As I finished my Yellowstone Memories, when it's backed I will do a blog on it next, I was dreaming of doing another Under the Sea Project!
For those that don't know me or are new to my journey, I took my second class from Judith Baker Montano in June 2013, called Under the Sea! And boy was I hooked!!!

This was the piece we started in class, and then I finished at home.
Then I was featured as "cover girl" on Crazy Quilt Quarterly 2015 by Pamela Kellogg and she requested a UTS project.

I later framed it this way.

That same year, I contributed to the CQ Gathering Calender 2015 with this piece:

Then my hubby wanted me to do one for him, so I did this one: 

Which I call Underwater Fantasia, it is framed in glass and won an award at an art gallery in Pocatello.
Then in 2019, I contributed to another Calender with this one:

The mermaid in this one was painted by Annette Graves.

So I guess you might think, I would be tired to this medium or where else can I go with it...
Well the ideas are endless!!!

I have studied all the UTS projects done by everyone in Crazy Quilt Divas and International in the Albums. I was astounded at the many variations found there. As I collected some fabrics I soon realized that I couldn't do just one block! I have come up with four: a blue block, a green block, brown and purple blocks!!!

I put together my blue block, I chose one fabric for the top half, but cut in pieces to crazy quilt together. This is 13" by 16". I use a heavier muslin than the normal light weight,  one called industrial weight, from JoAnn's. I find it holds the piece as it gets heavy. I also sew around the border to give me my ending point, but also to hold the piece together, which seems to keep it from bunching up. 

So as I play with threads, laces (Nicki Seavey Ravioli Dreams) trims, yarns, etc. 

I started out with a cut out from Laura Burch Fabric for the three sea horses. I then added some yarns for seaweed. Lace fish and seahorse were from Nicki. Batik fabrics are great ones to use for UTS projects, here you can see the one on the left has seahorses on it. 

By the second day, I have added more yards and threads, stitches, laces, etc. The shibori and velvet are bunched as you stitch them in place and add embellishments in the folds.

On the last day, I also bunched the silks from two different blouses, along with the fancy fabric, bottom right corner. 

So thanks for visiting. I already have 3 more blocks ready to start embellishing, and I will do a post here after each one. 
I hope you click on follow me, you get an email from blogger when I do a new post. 
Stay tune for more on this project.
Happy Stitching!!!