His Story in the Stars

His Story in the Stars
2020 Challenge: His Story in the Stars!!!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Challenges of 2020!!!

This blog will catch you up on my life...obviously, I haven't written since November. We did get settled in and then enjoyed unpacking all of our Christmas decorations.

Then with the beginning of January, hubby decided to make us an appointment for a complete physical, as it had been a couple years since we had our last one.  We see the same primary doctor.

The doctor found a "suspicious" lump on my left breast, and sent me for a sonogram, knowing I don't do mammograms. Well, that didn't confirm anything, so then I had a MRI, and then had to have a 3-D mammogram, with still no confirmation. Finally, the radiologist did a sonogram-assisted biopsy, when came back on that following Monday as cancer. Notice, that all imaging could not confirm the cancer.

I then had an appointment with the surgeon that following Friday, and scheduled for surgery the next Friday, the 14th of February. We found out later, that that was her day off, but we chose it because OR was open, and she wouldn't be able to get me in till end of month.

For someone who hadn't been in the hospital since age 16, I got through the operation with no hiccups!!! The cancer was in my left breast only, but I had a double mastectomy, with only one node removed that had cancer. 10 others removed, with no cancer. It was Estrogen/Progesterone positive, but HER2 negative. Scans came back 3 weeks later with no signs of cancer and no metastasis. 

Also, the oncologist suggested a Mamma Print test done on tissue to see what my recurrence risk is. Well, it came back, very low risk of recurrence, not even a candidate for Chemo...which I had already refused! Now, while we wondered how many go through chemo without knowing their risk factor, the bill came back from Medicare, refused and past on to my secondary insurance...the bill was $8,000! So far, no notice from secondary.

So, I feel VERY blessed to have come out of this scare with the rest of my health intact.  I am not on any medications. I am now working with a Naturopath that my primary doc recommended and we are building my immunity and reducing inflammation...both critical in healing and preventing the cancer from coming back.  Just because the test show no cancer, I am doing all I can as if I still have it. What treats, also prevents.

So, it is now the beginning of June, I am all healed and getting life back. I am walking everyday, jumping on my rebounder everyday, and doing supplements and diet for health.

Sandy was a phenomenal caregiver for the three months that I needed him.  But it's time to get back to our lives.  He has started tackling the yard and painting the outside of the house.

And it's time for me to get back to sewing!!! So yesterday he helped me figure out a problem I had with my centerpiece.
We had to take off a slight amount on right side, but left side a little bit more. Finally it even out, and I finished the centerpiece.
My 2020 Challenge is now at 1633 unique embellishments, and more...and only 6 months to finish!!!

The process now is to attach the first row of blocks of constellations.
Each of the blocks has a corresponding Bible quote pointing at it from the centerpiece. In between the quotes, are the charms representing the constellation, along with the Decans!

The next level with be to add the outside row of constellations/Decans
The outside row are larger blocks, all are completed and counted, with the exception of the fabrics pinned for their backs. This way, I know those fabrics haven't been used anywhere else. As you can see, there are now four new corners to create, which my ideas are already laid out in a power point.  You will have to stay tuned to see what those surprises will be! They will be fun!

For those who might wish to look into some of the research materials, here is a copy of the books and tapes that will be on the back of the quilt.
And here's how the back will look with the first row of blocks when attached.
Here's the title and research up close:
This next one is the right side up closer....the blocks all have an identification of ancient star names, what they mean, and corresponding idea in the Bible.

Now the left side:
The outer row of constellations/Decans will also have the ancient star names and what they mean. 

For any who don't know about the 2020 Challenge, go to Sharon Boggon's site for the Guidelines!

So stay tune to watch the wrap up of this project over the next six months.

Thanks for following me, and stay healthy...

Happy Stitching!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Just in time for Veteran's Day!
 I call this piece, "Never Forget"...the fabric is printed with the firemen on it.
I made this last year, but got interrupted by having to pack up my sewing room and moving to Lewiston, Idaho. Since it wasn't finished I packed it in the same plastic bin as the fabrics used.
When it came time to unpack, I couldn't find the piece with all my other finished and unfinished pieces in one big plastic container. Nor could I find pictures of the back, which I always do.
I was terrified that somehow it had gotten stolen or lost for good. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find it one afternoon as I spent going through ALL of my fabric bins to get organized!
No small feat!
So it really warms my heart to receive the news this morning from Katie Bock that it won in her contest for the heading in her blog! Click on her name and go to her blog. 
She has also placed it at the top of her facebook page Crazy Quilt Journal Project .  

I thank Katie and all who voted for me as there was some stiff competition and I loved all of them.  
I am currently finishing my Journal project from 2015 of my peacocks, called Proud as a Peacock....stay tuned for pictures soon...
                           Here's a hint of things to come!!!!

Thanks again, Katie, and I will participate again in 2021!!!

Happy Stitching...

Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween is almost here!!!!
I know that is hard to believe. We have only been in our house since August 1...but we are settled in with only a few things to do before winter sets in.

Some of you have followed our journey from Pocatello to Lewiston over the last year. I will do a pictorial recap of getting my sewing room set up!
When we bought this house in February, half of the basement was nothing but concrete walls as one whole room.

Above is the contractor standing in the "library" and me standing in my "classroom" looking through the utility room. Below is my sewing room, with old window, and we kept the old desk.
 Below we took out the window, and added a door and a huge old bush was taken out.
Jump forward by a few months...and we have completed painting, laying of floors and carpet upstairs. Time to unpack and move in!
 Above is my sewing room, where the window used to be, now there is a door. Window was rescued and put in our bedroom as a second window.
 This is my closet, and looking down the hallway, bathroom on right, and large room at end.
Here is my "classroom" in it's beginning, egress window is new, plus it has a closet.
Above and below, floor is being laid in both rooms. Because some of the walls are concrete, the baseboards were glued in and the stretch bars held in place overnight.
See, we did keep the old desk, but I had the contractors cut off the left side where it had a rounded overhang!
All my cubicles had to be put back together! They are numbered and wrapped together.

 My wonderful hubby helping with putting together.
Above you can see the cubicles going in place, Sandy below is now putting up pictures and other hanging elements.
 I call this room my studio, and my favorite artist, Susan Rios is back, titled "A New Arrangement", boy is that ever true!
Now you can see some organization is happening...
 Let's see how the "classroom" is coming together.
We still had boxes to deal with as we put the cubicles together.
The table we just happened to buy at a garage sale before we even moved in..for only $20!
With unpacking the cubicles became full, and some decorations get displayed!
Love lights with glassware!
My 2020 Challenge, "Gospel in the Stars" quilt is on the table waiting to be finished!
 Artwork is now showing up on the walls!
 Above, I hung the quilters loop on the wall with the intention of hanging my seasonal pieces!

Now back to my studio, for some organizing ideas.
My yarns hang on the back of closet doors.

My mother painted the beach picture.
                                          Ribbons above with yarns below.
                              More ribbons above and specialty threads. 
                        oh, on the right is a collection bookmarks!!!
 Genius at work!!!
Closet has two shelves, where I have put all my books.
 Next goal is to fill up the closet with shelves so more supplies will be found.
So this past week I have finished three UFO'S...
     Downton Abbey is a RR 
I participated in 2015
The pocket on the back is for the booklet others signed.

Started this piece in 2018 just before we moved.
I actually thought I had lost it, as it was not packed with the rest of my projects.  I took the time to go through every plastic bin with fabrics to make sure the labels were correct, and suddenly found it!
Which was no small feat!
But I was very happy to find it!
  I call it "Never Forget" for September 2011...in time to hang for Veterans Day!

 And finally, last by not least this week, I finished a piece I didn't know how to finish. Got the tip for Allison Aller of how to back it and finish it off, the original beach idea came from Jackie Jamison.

 I call this one, Beach Therapy.
 The front panel is pulled tight and wrapped around a piece of firm cardboard...

The back is also covered over a white board, and then put together and slip stitch together. Then I took the yarn and crocheted a chain stitch to whip stitch to cover the edges. It is so light weight and easy to hang anywhere! Thanks Ladies!
Well, thanks for visiting...I have 3 more UFO projects to finish, so I will highlight them next time. 
It is a great feeling to finally be settled in and enjoying life. That move was enough stress to last us a lifetime!! But not sorry that we did move!!!

As always, thanks for following me...and Happy Stitching...and be sure to check out my Flickr page for lots of pictures of my journey...