CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Just a quick post to promote Pamela Kellogg's beautiful Crazy Quilt Calendar...click here to purchase!


I am honored to be on August with my latest Under The Sea

When she asked me if I would do a UTS for the calendar, I immediately said yes! I had an idea in my head to do one horizontally and with lots Shibori Silk from Shibori Girl 

Now I need to get it framed! 

Stay tuned for more updates to follow on my "Gospel in the Stars" 2020 Challenge!!!

Happy Stitching!!!



Monday, December 31, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!!!!!!

Well, I am sure ready for a new year!!! I bet you are too!!!
It has been a year of many changes for us. Took another trip to look at Prescott, Arizona in January. Again, felt it was not going to be the right place for us. Ten years of looking was getting old!!! Finally, Lewiston, Idaho seem to find us!! Saw it for the first time in May, then again in June...rented a house in August, began the packing process, sold our house in Pocatello in October, and settled in by the end of October!!! It's been great to have a rest period...but we are on the lookout for a new house to make that last move!!!


I do want to do an update on my 2020 Challenge that Sharron Boggon got us started on in 2017! For any newbies, here's her link on Pintangle.
 First as a catchup, here are the list of previous posts dates, located on the right side of my page:
July 17, 2017
August 24, 2017
October 25, 2017
November 1, 2017
January 7, 2018
March 17, 2018
April 4, 2018
You can also see me in my album on Crazy Quilt Divas,  you can also see my progress on my Flickr site, and you can keep up with my progress on my facebook site!!!
So let's do a progress check on the constellations and their decans. Each constellation has 3 decans that help tell the story, making 48 total ancient constellations. I have tried to use lots of embellishments and charms as symbolism of the story! 
Virgo is actually first in the story of the virgin who gives birth to a Son!

Libra is next...watch for the yellow and white stars numbering the block.
Scorpio is number three...look again for the 3 star combo!
 Sagittarius, starts the vertical coming down the left side.
Capricorn is next.

Followed by Aquarius!
Pisces, comes across the bottom edge horizontally.
Aries is in the middle.
Taurus is last horizontally.
Gemini, which is my sign. Comes up vertically on the right side.

Cancer is next.
Leo bringing up the end of the story, as the Tribe of Judah.

Here you see the middle in progress. Each Bible quote points to a constellation with the corresponding message.There are to be added a lot of embellishments still.
And now you can see how the whole quilt is coming together. There are now 4 more corner blocks to be determined. At this point I am at 1400 count. Quilt will be roughly 60" by 60".
On the back of the quilt, I will have these shown as my references for my research!!!


I have a feeling a lot more changes and happenings will be listed for 2019!  I should have more progress made on this quilt; hopefully we will find a house to buy and be moved in. And even a few RV trips in the making!!! Maybe even have some time to work on a couple UFO'S that I still have to finish! I pray you have a wonderful and Blessed Happy New Year for 2019!!!!
All center pictures from the blog of Signs in the Heavens.

Happy Stitching, and as always, thanks for visiting.!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I enjoyed having 4 students come over to my house and enjoy stitching and making progress on their projects! 

Diane, Patti, Sophi and J'neane (not shown) are continuing progress on their blocks or even starting new blocks.
This is Diane's block, which has some new corrections added to it...more when we meet again...
Sophie's block is a wonderful blend of whites, greys, blacks and pinks...Can't wait to see where she is at on our next stitching day!  Patti is making a needle case and I will have pics later as an update!

Had a wonderful July 4th...peaceful and quiet..and of course, stitching!!!
And here's what I stitched...well, I worked on it the month of June. Now I need to border and back it!
You will want to watch and order the next Autumn issue Crazy Quilt Quarterly, as there will be an article by me about making this piece! Thanks to Pamela Kellogg for all her hard work in making this our best and only Crazy Quilt magazine!
I will be adding a new addition to my blogs...whenever we travel..I will talk about where we are going, have been, have met, and places to shop along the way.

Some back story...we got rid of a 32' 5th wheel because it was just too big for us. And then we decided to sell our little camper to get another one in the mid size range. They both ended up to new buyers living on the same street not far from our house!!! The young family that bought our little camper are a wonderful Christian couple with a couple growing boys!

Well, then we knew we needed to get the one we would be happy with...and Sandy found it not far from us, another wonderful Christian couple. They had bought a new toy hauler and needed to get rid of the Wildcat that we ended up buying!

It's 2006, good condition and lots of storage space...important to a stitcher like me!!!
So when we are on the road, we will be the Boomer Wildcats...and I will have this logo to alert you to the new posts:
In our travels around the country, we hope to meet up with many of you and even have some stitching time together!!!
As always, thanks for following me.
Happy Stitching...
BJ Sandusky

Saturday, June 9, 2018

My Favorite Month!!!

Well, that's a little prejudicial...It's my birthday month!!!

Last month, I posted my Victorian Enchantment won a second place ribbon at the local Pocatello Art Center!!! This is it's second award...here's a video to see all the bling....
 I am really fond and proud of this piece, which was started in my first class with Judith Baker Montano, and then took 5 years to finish....
I had a Trunk Show Presentation for the 3rd year in a row with the Fort Hall Replica Museum...always fun and happy they call me in!!! 
Had a great excuse to do some stitching on a current project and spent the afternoon with a former student and accomplished traditional quilter, J'neane Smith as she worked on her current projects.
 This is a very early quilt I did in 1999 as a present to my parents for their 50th. They are both gone now, so I am happy to have the quilt back.

 This is J'neane working on her present quilt for her husband, 
and the one on the side, is 900 pieces, completely hand stitched,
which she has a right to be proud of...her stitches are smaller
than most machines!!!
Couple of my latest additions to my crazy quilt library!!
And this is my patriotic piece I am working on that afternoon...much embellishments to be added!
More on this project when it is finished!!
 And now, we prepare for a second trip to Lewiston!!
Thanks for visiting....and Happy Stitching!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Award and Northern Idaho Trip!!!


I call this quilt "Victorian Enchantment"!! I started it in 2007 with my first of four classes with Judith Baker Montano, called Basic Crazy Quilt! It took me a total of 5 years to complete, with working on other projects in between! It received recognition at the Idaho State Fair, 2017, and now 2nd place in Intermediate competition at our local Pocatello Art Center! May is their competition for mixed media! My quilt was the only quilt in the room!!! 

This was our month to take a trip to Coeur D'Alene !! What a fabulous time we had!
We stayed at World Mark Arrow Point on the Eastern side of the lake.

Since we were ahead of the tourist season, it was quiet and no crowds!!! But it was rainy and chilly. Still we enjoyed the beauty and SO many trees!
But this was after visiting the Capital of Montana in Helena! It's actually faster to go up I15 to Missoula than to go up the whole state of Idaho. We went and stayed the night in Helena to see the capital, had our book stamped and then made our way over to Coeur D'Alene! Such beautiful country!
We stay in CDA, for four days, so we got to see quite a bit. Made our way up to Sandpoint to see an old friend from our Ogden, Utah days! She was our hairdresser back then....
It was truly fantastic to see you again, Christy!!!
Had a great time shopping at Bear Paw Quilting and Bernina ! Just a beautiful shop, with great service! And tons to spend your money on, including the full line of Kaffe Fassett fabrics! Oh, so many fabrics, so little time, so many projects!!!
We made our way over to Spokane, Washington, only about half an hour. We walked around the Riverfront Park.  The water was thunderous!!!

With the CDA being too cold for us in the winter with the amount of snow it gets, I googled "where is the banana belt of Idaho?" 
With two major rivers, the Clearwater River and the Snake River, which is at the lowest point of Idaho, only 745', we knew we had to see it... 
And we fell in love! Mild winters, warm summers, friendly people!!! Lewiston and Clarkston are sister cities, with Lewiston on Idaho side of River, while Clarkston on the Washington side! And yes they are named for the famous explores, Lewis and Clark!
Met some wonderful people at the Valley Art Center and we talked about me teaching classes when we move there next year!!!
Then I spent a lot of time in Patrick's Craft Shoppe! Connie and I had a great visit and she has a wonderful inventory of fabrics along with Brazilian Embroidery Threads! Looking forward to meeting on Wednesday mornings for some refresher lessons, Connie!!!
After a couple days there, and we could have spent a week, maybe in June we will have another chance, we headed out on highway 12, the scenic route back to Montana. We followed the Clearwater River all the way. It is absolutely beautiful, but a slow ride. We got into Missoula with no hotels available due to graduation night of a nearby college. So we made our way down to Hamilton to hit the hotel after midnight!
In North Fork we stopped at a delightful General Store !!! Just ask Birdie for help, she really knows how to provide service!!! Thanks Birdie!!!
Our last stop on the way home was in Salmon, Idaho ! We had lunch and walked the streets! Of course, I found another Quilt store, Copper Mountain Quilting! Another wonderful selection of fabrics and great service. Wish I was closer, sounds like an active class schedule!!!
Well, we had a great trip! I enjoyed meeting everyone!!! 
Thanks for visiting...and be sure to stay connected on my facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/brenda.sandusky.1
Happy Sitching
BJ Sandusky

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


March was a fun and busy month for me in my favorite passion...Crazy Quilting!!!

First, another successful and fun class with  New Knowledge Adventures!The class was on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with a total of 12 hours. 

With 9 students we were on a roll. I had the table behind me covered in packets of fabrics and after talking a little about color theory, I had the students choose their own color choices!
Each week I would have the table covered with different projects I have done over the years to give the ladies ideas of how to embellish.
One of the first things I teach them, is to let the creative genie out of the lamp, and not copy cat me!!! Just because I do a stitch a certain way, does not mean that is the only way to do the stitch! It was really fun watching their creativity come to the surface!

Barbara did a great job in purple, love the stars! She especially loved my peacock blocks for she has wild peacocks in her yard!!!
 Bobbie won the drawing for a giveaway of a Judith Baker Montano book, the first one I ever had!

Diane was my facilitator, and the second time she took my class! Her skills are really shaping up and this is a special gift she is making! 
 Joyce is a neighbor and really picked up well on being creative with her embellishments!

 Mary Lou, another winner, this time of our Crazy Quilt Quarterly, also has gained a great grasp of embellishing!

Patti, who has also taken my class before, and a golfing buddie! has really developed her grasp of colors and embellishing!!!

Well done ladies all, and look forward to more stitching time together in our local library later in April and May!

This month was also a Trunk Show Presentation for Bannock Historical Society on March 20th! What a fun time I had and I think so did the audience. Here's what they had on their website for the event: 

Crazy Quilting by B.J. Sandusky. Brenda Sandusky will be giving a presentation for the Bannock County Historical Society on the history of crazy quilts and her personal journey with the art of crazy quilting.  Brenda has been crazy quilting since 1997 and her journey continues today. She has taken four extensive classes with globally recognized needlework expert and best-selling author Judith Baker Montano, taught basic crazy quilt classes for New Knowledge Adventures and the Pocatello Art Center, and received several awards for her handiwork at the Idaho State Fair. Brenda has also been published in Crazy Quilt Quarterly and participated in their 2015 Crazy Quilt Calendar. For more about Brenda and her journey check out her blog - https://sewkrazzy4you.blogspot.com/ and Flickr site (over 400 photos!) documenting her journey - https://www.flickr.com/photos/60882932@N06/  If you enjoy handwork, this presentation is a must see. There will be examples of Brenda’s art on display for this event.
First I gave them about 20 minute talk on the history of Crazy Quilts. My first question was to ask for a show of hands who knew what crazy quilts are? I was flabbergasted at how many hands went up! I knew I had a great audience.  

Here are my projects I had laid out on the table.
 Above,  the left quilt is one I did for my parents 50th anniversary in 1999. The middle quilt is an old one the my mother-in-law had made years ago, but we didn't know till after she had passed. The last is an antique quilt gifted to me by a friend and shows the art form from the beginning years.

 Again, more of my projects that I showed how many sizes and purposes for crazy quilts.
 Above, many of these, I call my "door knockers"...they are on the front door during the corresponding month!

This piece above, I stared in 2007 as part of my first Judith Baker Montano class. It took me 5 years to finish, and it did get award special recognition at the Idaho State Fair in 2017!
 Above a few more of my projects. The left frame was in the 2015 Crazy Quilt Calendar; while the other one won a ribbon at the Idaho State Fair. 
 The old quilt above and below, is another one my mother-in-law had made, using a number of different traditional blocks, with crazy quilting in between the blocks!
 I started demonstrating the pieces of art with the oldest quilt and talked about how the silk is frayed because of how they were once treated with lead.

Here I am showing my mother-in-law's quilt. It is backed with crazy-quilted flannel.
And here I am showing my piece for my parents!
 This is a fascinating crazy quilt that the Museum has on display all the time. It is beautiful and well done, but alas they don't know who the creator is. It had been featured at the State Fair, so I emailed them and asked if they had any records on it, but they didn't.

This old crazy quilt is also on displayed.
So a great heartfelt thank you to the folks at the Bannock Historical Museum for inviting me to share my crazy quilt journey.

Now, somehow I still had some stitching time to work on my 2020 Challenge, Gospel in the Stars!

This is Pisces ready to be backed with the purple fabric. 
Aries is also ready for backing. And now Taurus is underway.

As usual, thanks for visiting. It has been a fun month and I hope others enjoyed it as much as I did!  You can also follow my journey on my Flickr site

Happy Stitching...