His Love Story in the Stars

His Love Story in the Stars
2020 Challenge: His Love Story in the Stars!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2021


Happy July 4th to the United States of America!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration this past weekend...we did!! Since it was a milestone of being a year and a half past diagnosis, it was special to us...and in our town, they shoot the fireworks over the river, giving awesome reflections!!!

A couple months ago, Sandy, my husband, asked if I would make something for his wall in his office. He wanted something Southwestern to reflect our trips to Arizona. So I said sure, I had already been collecting such ideas.

This picture from the internet was my "inspiration"...

I love the orange sky, with the purple mountains. So I was ready to start.

First I collected fabrics together, surprisingly, I seem to gravitate to mostly batiks!

I couldn't resist the sunset fabric, then I cut the mountain fabrics, and then crazy quilted the foreground.

Then I had to collect the doodads needed!!!

Then I found real Cholla wood, cactus skeletons...you can find almost anything on Etsy!!!

Once I got my "picture" in place, I felt it needed a frame of sorts...

So I made strips of foundation to crazy quilt in a simple pattern...choosing the same color palette and matching up oranges with the sunset colors, and the ground with darker colors. 

So now it has a basic frame. I added the second upper cacti because my depth of perception was off without them...always pays to go back and look at your original inspiration idea!!

The Blue Shibori Silk ribbon represents a river flowing out of the mountains, Sandy's idea!

My friend Nicki Seavey sent me the little scraps of lace that look like small cacti...so perfect!!! Thanks Nicki, they really added a special touch to the whole piece!!!

So now the wrap up!!! I will post the final picture and then some close-ups! We still need to frame it, may go to Michaels and have it put on a stretch canvas....don't know yet...

This above, is the upper left, I did stitches on all the seams in the border, and then added charms for each one.

I just love the little cactus skeleton, maybe there will be more on the final frame!

Last month was a milestone birthday for me...just turned 70!!! Sandy surprised me with a River Boat Cruise on the Snake river! It was a great day!!!

Thanks for visiting...now that my sewing table is empty, it's time to start thinking of a new project!!!
Stay tuned!!!

Happy Stitching...check out my Flickr site also!
BJ Sandusky

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


May here is blooming with Dogwood trees everywhere and azaleas are also in full bloom. I love all the colors!

January started us out in a sad mode, with having to put Mikey and Goldie down on the same day. Both were 19 1/2 years old, brother and sister. Now have joined Sonny at the Rainbow Bridge. First time in 50 years we have no pets in the house. 

Here I am with Mikey on my lap, and Goldie next to me, last summer after surgery!!!

 Here is Sonny, Goldie and Mikey, all siblings.Now in Rainbow Heaven and we missed them dearly.

Sonny lefts us February 28th, 2015.

February was a month of celebrating for us, even while we mourned losing our three buddies. We bought our house on February 14th 2015. And I went through breast cancer surgery February 14th, 2020. So our emotions were all over the place that month! Cancer Free today!!!

After having a flat space in my creativity...I decided to get back in by finishing several UFO's!!! So below is one I started a while back. The original fabric was bought back in 2005. I just fell in love with it and had to have it. I got it at Hancock Fabrics, which has closed in Idaho. I just love the Jewel Tones of these colors!

 I first started this project to be a tote bag. So I made a square to be front and back. I used the colors in the original piece to match other fabrics to. 


After adding some embellishments, I then proceed to the stitching, adding beads and buttons. 

With stitching finished, it was time to border and back the pieces. I finally decided to sew them together and make a hanging out of it instead of the tote bag. I felt the embellishments might get knocked off as a bag.
How the front turns out, with a Metallic/Rayon thread from Sue Spargo! It's got sparkles!


And here's the back...

                                                            Here's three close-up pictures: 

Success!!! Hanging on the hallway wall!!!!
Also, available this month is our Crazy Quilt Magazine, Lisa Boni is publisher. You can order by clicking on the title and it will be sent to your home. My 2020 Challenge quilt, called "His Love Story in the Stars" is featured on the front cover, and an article within on how I put the quilt together. Hope you will support Lisa in purchasing the magazine. I can promise you, it's loaded with lots of fabulous artists!
Thanks for visiting...Happy Stitching...and stay healthy!!!
BJ Sandusky 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


We all deserve congratulations for making it through 2020! Prayers go out to all who have been severely affected either by the virus, or the shutdowns. Let's all pray for a Healthier and Happier New Year 2021!

I did finish my 2020 CQ Challenge from Sharon Boggon before the end of the year. What a great feeling getting it done! I must say, I am pleased with the results. I can't tell you how many times I fretted over whether it would all turn out right!

Many of you might know my 2020 story! January 6th my primary doc found a lump in my left breast. We then did tests, first a sonogram, then a MRI, and then a 3D Mammogram, which doesn't compress the tissue like a regular one would. None of these confirm it was a cancer! So much for trusting imagery. Always push further. The radiologist gave me the option of waiting 6 months and check again. What a tragedy that would have been! So I insisted on a sonogram-assisted biopsy. That was a Friday, and the test came back on Tuesday, when I got the call from my primary doctor that it was in fact, cancer. He still has tears in his eyes remembering that call!

By Friday of that week, we met with the surgeon. She said that she could guess my reaction to chemo, by looking at my chart, and that I take no medications! I said immediately, it was off the table. Later, a MammaPrint test showed that the cancer was a slow growing type, that would not respond to chemo! Of course, she said we would have to talk about radiation, and I said that was also a hard sale.

Well, February 14th I had a double mastectomy, and went home the same day! I then concentrated on healing from surgery. By March 12 I was working on my trampoline, and walking outside. 

Then the virus hit. Obviously, it closed down all treatments for everyone.  It was a God Wink that I had gotten my surgery so fast. Even my primary doc said he had never seen anyone go into surgery so fast after diagnosis.

By May I was back in my sewing room and back to work on my 2020 Challenge. I know many of you have followed my progress on this project. You can visit my Flickr page, called His Love Story in the Stars to see the whole process.

Sometime that summer my husband made the suggestion I do a crazy quilt bra as a thank you to my doc. What a great idea. So I hit the thrift stores for the right shape!

Then I began to pull fabrics together to decorate the bra. 
I chose these colors as I love lavender and turquoise together. And yes, most of these were used in my 2020 Challenge!


I decided on a fabric to line the inside, along with a label.

With the inside done, straps added, white fringe along the front bottom. I also used a yarn, chain stitched crochet and attached along the top edge.

I had ordered some padded hangers, I will attached the straps to it so that it will hang well. All in time to see my doc again on the 8th of this month! Can't wait to see his reaction!
Now my muse is pushing me forward to finish some projects and explore ideas of other possibilities!!!
Thanks for following me. Prayers for a Happy New Year for all of us.
Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, October 13, 2020


                                     HAPPY AUTUMN DAYS!!!

For those who have followed my journey this year with my battle with cancer, latest test results show I am now cancer free!!! Praise God!!! 

I would now like to update you on my 2020Challenge Quilt, called "His Love Story in the Stars". I will start with Virgo, show you the small block and back, along with the larger blocks that also have the 3 Decans for each, and then the Bible quote from the center of the quilt. 

If this is your first visit, Sharon Boggon gave us a challenge in 2017 to do a project of our own design, using 2,020 unique objects, fabrics, threads, and embellishments and to complete at the end of 2020!!! That was 42 months to complete our projects.  But due to moving to Lewiston, first to a rental, than 9 months later to our present home, and then recuperating from surgery, I have lost 12 months.

First off, I wish to stress that I am not into astrology, I know nothing about it. This is astronomy...the stars and their placement in the sky. The ancient names of the stars tells us the whole story of the Redemption of Christ for all humans.

So let's start with Virgo and its Decans:

Virgo means the virgin in all languages of the world. The branch she holds in her hand stands for Christ, who was called the branch in the Bible 110 times. Coma, means the Desired or Longed for. In Haggai 2:7: "The desire of all nations shall come."

Centaurus, means the Despised. In Isaiah 53:3: "He is despised and rejected of men." Then Bootes (pronounced Boo-tees), means the Coming Shepherd! There are 45 verses regarding the shepherd in the Bible. John 10:14: I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. 

Libra and its Decans:

The Hebrews called this sign Mozanaim...the scales or weighing. Found in Daniel 5:27: "Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting." Our salvation is often described as redemption by purchase. Crux is the mark of the cross, the death and finished work of Christ. Lupus, the slain victim, the sacrifice of Christ for sin. Corona, means the crown, which will be the crown bestowed on Christ. 

Scorpio and its Decans:

Scorpio means the mortal conflict. This depicts the battle of Ophiuchus and the serpent just as it is in Genesis 3:15: "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." You can even see Ophiuchus's heel on the scorpion!

Ophiuchus means the evil one held. Hercules is the mighty victor, humbled yet victorious. Serpens mean the serpent struggling with the seed of the woman!

Sagittarius and its Decans: 

Sagittarius means the Archer in both Hebrew and Syriac. Gen 21:20  "And God was with the lad; and he grew, and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer." In the Decan, Lyra, you have a star named Vega, which means he shall be exalted! Lyra is a harp, that is very ancient, used even in the lifetime of Adam, Gen 4:21  "And his brother's name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ." The Decan, Ara is an upside-down alter. Another Decan, Draco, is the great dragon cast out, depicting Satan cast down in defeat.

Taken from God's Voice in the Stars by Ken Fleming: 

"In the first act the signs of Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius portrayed four aspects of prophetic truth concerning the Person and work of the coming Redeemer: the manhood He would assume, the price He would pay, the battle He would fight, and the victory He would win. Now in this second act attention is drawn to four more signs: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries. These signs, together with their constellations, explain not so much the Person of the Redeemer but the results of His redeeming work, particularly in relation to the people who are redeemed."

Capricorn and its Decans: 

Capricorn is a dying goat, coming from a living fish demonstrating the multitudes of the redeemed who have been given life as a result of the sacrifice of Christ. Mathew 4:19
"Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

The Decan Sagitta, an arrow, God's judgement against sin. Psalms 38:2  "For thine arrows stick fast in me, and thy hand presseth me sore." The Decan Aquila, is the pierced one falling. This is a picture of an eagle falling from the sky.  Exodus 19:4  "Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought you unto myself." Then the Decan, Delphinus is a dolphin springing out of the water. Meaning, resurrection from death.

Aquarius and its Decans: 

Aquarius means the "water pourer" which is what it looks like. Bible says in Numbers 24:7, "He shall pour the water out of His buckets, and His seed shall be in many waters." The Decan Piscis Austrinus  is a fish with a wide open mouth to receive the water poured out. In John we find "Whosoever shall drink of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst" (John 4:14)

Pegasus is the winged horse, symbolizing the soon return of the Redeemer. The Decan Cygnus is a cross in the northern sky, sometimes called the Northern Cross. This is a picture of a beautiful swan flying across the skies. Cygnus was called Tesark, meaning This from Afar, in the Zodiac of Dendereh, which indicates the coming of Him who has gone to prepare a place for His people. From the Bible: John 14:2  "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you."

Pisces and its Decans: 

Pisces is the about the Deliverance out of bondage. Part of the two fishes is The Band or cord, one of it's Decans. Andromeda, meaning the redeemed in bondage and affliction, represents a woman with chains fastened to her feet and hands binding her. Then there's Cepheus, meaning the deliverer coming to rule. He is the King sitting on a throne near his wife Cassiopea. 

Aries and its Decans: 

"Aries is the last of the signs in the second act, which included Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries. This quartet of signs pictures the blessings of salvation. Capricorn signifies the blessing of life from death. Aquarius pictures the blessing of salvation's fullness. Pisces signifies the delay of the promised blessing. Now in Aries we see the blessing fully realized." (God's Voice in the Stars, by Ken Fleming)

Aries is actually a picture of a lamb, and in Hebrew it was called Taleh, which means lamb.

John 1:29 "Behold the Lamb of God!"

Cassiopeia the woman freed and waiting for the marriage to the Redeemer. The Decan Cetus is one of the largest of all of the constellations in the sky. It represents a Sea Monster. And then the Decan Perseus represents the breaker delivering the Redeemed.

Taurus and its Decans:

Taurus is the judge, representing His Glorious Coming!  Again, from the book mentioned before, "The last of the three acts in the starlit panorama on the stage of the universe presents Christ the judge of all the earth reigning in power and majesty and concluding the drama of salvation in the history of the planet Earth. Act One presented Him as the Suffering Savior delivering His people from the penalty of sin. Act Two showed Him as the Glorified Redeemer delivering His people from the power of sin. Now in the Third Act He is the Reigning Redeemer delivering His people from the presence of sin. The sign of Taurus opens the third act, showing us the coming in power and glory of the great Judge."

The Decan Orion represents the triumph and brightness of His coming.  Eridanus represents the wrath of God poured out on His enemies. Auriga, represents the protection of the Redeemed in the day of the Wrath. 

Gemini and its Decans: 

Gemini represents His rule on Earth. The Decan Lepus is the Enemy trodden underfoot. The Decan Canis Major is the coming of the Prince of Glory. In this constellation you will find the brightest star that we can see, called Sirius, which means The Prince.  The last Decan is Canis Minor represents the Coming Redeemer. 

Cancer and its Decans: 

Cancer, though showed as a crab today, the ancients showed it as an enclosure for animals. Cancer comes from a root word that means to Hold or Encircle. The Decan, Ursa Minor, is the Stronghold of the saved. Its central star, the North Star, is the one the other stars appear to revolve. Ursa Minor, known as the Little Bear, and the Ursa Major, the Great Bear are more likely today known as the Big and Little Dippers. Ursa Major is the Assembled Flock, while the Decan, Argo represents the Travelers safely Home.

Leo, and its Decans: 

Leo represents His enemies destroyed, being the Victor.  Rev 5:5  And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. The Decan Hydra, represents the old serpent destroyed; and the Decan Crater represents the wrath of God poured out on the Serpent.  The Decan Corvus is the Raven devouring the old serpent. 

Now I will give you the four corners, first the corner in the inner row of small blocks.

I call this one Creation Day 4...because the Bible tells us that the stars and sun were created on the 4th day. Gen 1:18  And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.
Gen 1:19  And the evening and the morning were the fourth day. 

This really hit me, that God named all the stars on the fourth day. Psalm 147:4 "He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name." So He put His Love Story of our Redemption in the sky BEFORE He created Adam and Eve!!!

Now go back to the front of the block and see how many "4" count can you find!

This block I called the "Treasures of the Garden" representing the Garden of Eden. You will see two trees, the Tree of  Knowledge, and the Tree of Life.

This block is called "God's Glory in the Stars."

Psalm 19 1
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.


Now I will show the four blocks in the larger block row.

The is my sphinx block. On the front of the block, you will see a small sphinx in the lower middle, facing to the left, where the Virgo block is, with an arrow pointing to a charm of the virgin birth. From his tail is an arrow pointing to a lion, and to the block of Leo. There are many who think this is why the Sphinx has been built. We really don't know who or when it was built. Coincidence?

And of course, I had to do a block for the Star of Bethlehem!

This block is called Coincidence...because there is no coincidence with God! 

I changed the name of my quilt...so I had to add the "LOVE" charm...."His Love Story in the Stars"!!!

I hope you enjoy my presentation. All that is left is hemming each block and attaching to quilt.


Thanks for following my blog...


Have a Blessed Day!