CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Well, I picked up my items from the Southeast Idaho State Fair yesterday! I am still overwhelmed at winning five out of five ribbons!!!! This is the first time I have ever entered anything in to a state fair. Many thanks to my hubby for "insisting" that I enter something!!!!
 I made this last year, 2014; my mother painted all her life, so I took one of my favorite beach pictures; photographed it, and printed it on fabric. I then crazy quilted and embellished around it. It took 4th place in Hand Embroidery/Wall Hanging category! 

 Made in 1999, Evening Star Designs pattern and cq fabrics; Purple velvet is from a recycled bathrobe. Entered in East Idaho State Fair, 2015; category: from recycled materials; 4th place.

Made this in 2002; Called: "A few of my favorite things" made for the Quilting Arts Calendar of 2002, but didn't get chosen; Entered in East Idaho State Fair, 2015 and placed 4th in the category of "combined pieced/ and appliqued wall hanging".

Entered in the East Idaho State Fair, 2015 in Bags, Clutch, crazy quilted category, 4th place! Made in 2001!
I started cq in 1997; had only done a few stockings, when I made this in 1998! Entered in East Idaho State Fair, 2015; category: hand embroidered clothing, vest; Took 1st place, prize $5.  

Here are some close ups:

Well, you can bet, I will be entering again next year!!!! Thanks for visitng, and keep stitchin'!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hard to believe, summer is over!!! Wow, that was fast!

August was a busy month for us, with spending two weeks in Colorado. On the way to southern Colorado, we stayed overnight just out of Colorado Springs. And the next morning my hubby had a surprise for me!  He asked would I do most anything he suggested, and I said, "anything, but zip lining naked!!!"  Well, I was close....
We headed for Royal Gorge and Zip Lining!!!! (click for web site)
What a blast it was...and no pictures because we have to put all phones and cameras in the backpack behind us...don't want those end up in the river!!!
This is how you get strapped in!
And you are 1200 feet above the river!!!!
Then we made our way to La Veta for my fourth class with Judith Baker Montano.
We checked in with Two Foxes Cabins, our favorite place to stay. Boy have they been busy! Every year they have improved the cabins, and this year we got to stay in one of the brand new ones.

We thoroughly enjoyed the spacious cabins and as usual the wonderful hospitality of Doug and Patti!
Of course, the hummingbirds are a favorite attraction!
 A real treat, as always, is visiting Ricky Tims private studio and this year he had some beautiful quilts to show off!

 Landscape class and what has been accomplished so far on my project, the photo I am working from is on the bottom.
But the friendships made in class are always special!

That's me, Charlotte Hickman, and Joanne Sharpe with Judith.
Jacqueline Jamison​ joined us at the Dog Bar!!! What a privilege to be among such artists!!!
Jackie and I spent the last day in La Veta after class was over, taking pictures of the beautiful countryside. 
 Then Sandy and I picked her up and we all went out to the Dog Bar for dinner!!!!

So if you go to La Veta, Colorado, stay at the Two Foxes Cabins and mention me and I know Patti and Doug will treat you like family!! Patti will undoubtedly show off the gift I made her a couple years ago after our first visit!
Thanks, again, Doug and Patti for a wonderful visit. You are building a wonderful spot there in 
La Veta!!!!

After our week in La Veta, we had a fabulous week in Steamboat Springs!!! We stayed in Wyndham of Steamboat Springs and had a wonderful view of the ski slopes from our deck....
One night we had a wonderful experience of soaking in the Strawberry Park Hot Springs!!!
We got to watch the USA Pro Challenge make their way through town

And then we spent three hours going through the Yampa River Botanic Park....so awesome!!!

Took way too many pictures, but you can visit the web site for a great tour!
Last but not least, I did shop in the ONLY fabric store in Steamboat Springs, Sew Steamboat Yarn and Fabric! Though I didn't buy much, Donna has a great supply of gorgeous fabrics and yarns!
Thanks for your help, Donna!!!

So it's been quite a summer and a successful one at that! 
From starting the summer with being on the cover of the Crazy Quilt Quarterly,
to winning five ribbons at our Eastern Idaho State Fair!!! All because my husband insisted that I entered something into the Fair!!! Thanks, honey!!!!
A purse I made in about 2001 with a recycled bathrobe!
A clutch purse I made about the same time.

Below, is one of my favorites, made in 2014, center is a photo of one of my mom's paintings, that I embellished around. Visit my pinterest for more of her paintings: https://www.pinterest.com/cheesehunters/nita-faulconer-charcoals-and-paintings/

The vest below, I made in 1998.
The square below, I made in about 2002, for a Piecemakers Calendar contest. No it didn't win, but it did this year! I call it "A few of my favorite things"!!!
Now, I have classes to prepare for in September and two sets of classes in October. Back to work for me.

Thanks for visiting. Keep Stitching!!!!