CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas is Coming!!!!

The snow is falling around many of us as winter sets in.  And we haven't gotten our 5th wheel out yet!!! This has definitely been the most stressful year on both of us.

We started the year out with the decision to move to Medford, Oregon. We downsized books, shelves, desks, and much more.

Then packed up about 3/4 of everything we own, put all the boxes in the rented storage shed down the street, about half a mile away. My hubby says 300 boxes, probably close!!!!
That's Sandy above starting the process.  By the time we got done, we had a small pathway to walk in!!!

After spending the summer, cleaning, painting, replacing the old wooden deck with trex,  replacing carpet in bedroom with vinyl floor, by August we were ready to put the house up for sale!

New floor in bedroom:
 Also, we replaced the whole driveway. We also repainted our whole foundation around our unit, which had never been done when built ten years ago.

As you can see the black tar was visible as you walked up the front steps.

When Sandy got finished with painting and cleaning up the concrete, we were very pleased with the results!

We have a friend who took great pictures of the house inside and out so we could advertise it on Zillow and sell the house ourselves. We met with 4 realtors and felt we knew where we should be to sell the house, hopefully quickly!

Front entrance above, back of our unit below.

Our dining room was set up, showcasing the views!

My empty sewing room, and lots, lots more!!! If you are local, and would like my friend to take pictures for your project, just contact me.

And after all that work, and stress, only a dozen or so looked at the house in 5 weeks, and no offers!!!
Now going into September, new decisions needed to be made! We sat with another realtor, more of a friend, and lots more honest and gave us the whole truth for 2 1/2 hours!!!! We would not be able to sell at our asking price, of $182,500....he suggested we go to $169,500, and no guarantee that we would get that price!!! That's lower than we bought 9 years ago!!! And if we had to pay realtor fees....along with the buyer's closing cost....we were way in the hole!!! You mean we have to lose money and pay someone to buy our house?!!!!

The next morning over our morning coffee...we made the decision. NO WAY!!! We decided not to sell, and just stay in our house!!!

We had just bought a used 5th wheel to live in while looking for a house in Oregon!
We have just become official snowbirds!!!! And will be heading out next week to go through Utah to Arizona!!!

Now my blog will become an update on our travels, trials and tribulations, shopping trips and great stores for crazy quilting that I find along the way!!! I will also look forward to an opportunity to meet up with any Facebook friends that I can.

I have brought with me several projects to finish, my Peacock challenge and more.  I also have brought some ideas for some new projects. We will be using the time to read, rest, and relax after such a stressful and disappointing year! I also intend on learning more stitches of tatting, Brazillian Embroidery, Encrusted Embroidery and much more!!!

I may not be on Facebook much, at least not what you have seen (LOL), because we may not always have WiFi available...but I will write on my blog, and post notifications as often as I can.  If you follow my blog with Bloglovin' you will automatically get an email. Maybe, I can learn how to do a You tube videos....that's scary!!!

Well, I wish all my local friends, high school friends, life long friends, and Facebook friends, a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and more!!!! Love you all, and thanks for being here!!! Above, is a cone tree I made years ago, and it is going in our RV, along with my 2017 Calender, I just love the little rv on the front:

The New Year is coming! Don't forget to have a new calendar on hand! Available at
Magcloud: http://www.magcloud.com/user/kitty-and-me
and at Etsy: http://www.kittyandme.etsy.com/

Happy Stitching,
BJ and Sandy Sandusky!!!!