CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2, 2015!
  That's the first time I have had to use 2015!!! Will take getting used to....Happy New Year's to all of you crazy quilters and stitchers!!!

   We had a fabulous 10 days in St. George, Utah the weekend after Thanksgiving! The weather was warm...up in the upper 60's...which was great for seeing the city and shopping. Since we weren't yet into the Christmas season, we had the WorldMark by Wyndham condo's almost to ourselves.  The scenic view was fabulous.

For those who may not know, St. George is at the southern border of Utah, where you will find some of the most spectacular red mountains.

  I always love looking for local quilt stores and I found a great one called Clover Patch Quilt Shop, web site, CloverPatchQuiltShop.com and found these lovely fabrics. I am collecting peacock fabrics and related items for my new project starting this year in CQJP2015 so watch for future posts as I progress!

I participated in the Round Robin with our Crazy Quilt Divas group on facebook which took 6 months to complete 6 blocks.  It was such a blast and any newbies I would highly recommend you give it a shot next opportunity!
  Here's the blocks that I piece together and sent out...
This top is a picture of the blocks before embellishing...

                                    This block was embellished by Pauline Keller...

                                          This one by Stacey Sharp...

                                            This one by Cathy Glover....

                                         This one by Barbara Scalise...

                                           This one by Lauren Mattison...

                      Last, by not least, was done by Margreet de Reus, from Holland!

  All of the blocks just blow me away...I love the creativity of each one...and since butterflies are some of my favorite motifs, I knew this would be a challenge to see how the ladies would do!!! And they all did better than my expectations. Thanks Ladies!!!!

    Here's the squares that came to me to be embellished by yours truly!
                This first one was for Pauline Keller. I never worked on a block in this shape before, so this was a challenge for me. But I loved the colors!

                            This second one I embellished for Stacey Sharp. I loved working with the wintery scene.

                     This third block I did for Barbara Scalise.  I loved her color combination also, and was amazed that I had a piece of the Shibori ribbon to bring out her colors!

                            This fourth block was for Lauren Mattison, this is the first time I tried bead work for the "seaweed" in the middle of the block. I love working a seascape!

               This fifth block was for Margreet de Reus in the Netherlands, quite the
                     challenge for me to keep the "garden" feel she wanted...

                            And the sixth block I embellished for Cathy Glover. Again I was pleased to have a Shibori ribbon in her colors. Red was the challenge for me here, don't work much with that color.

 Again, Thanks Ladies for challenging me and allowing me the pleasure of working on your squares!

    So my New Year has started out with me doing a major re-organization of my sewing room....but that's for another post!


  1. Love your additions of the shibori ribbon to the Round Robin blocks. Nice stitching!

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  3. Your blocks are gorgeous, love all the silk and stitching you added to each block.