CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Beach Therapy"

May 28, 2016
    Well, lots of things have been happening in my world of Crazy quilting journey!!!  One of my favorite projects has been my "Beach Therapy."  As many of your already know, my mother, who passed away a couple years ago, had been a painter all her life, and this is one of my favorites of the beach.  You can visit my pinterest board of more of Nita Faulconer's paintings. I will be using more of her pictures in future projects.

    So this picture has won a 4th place ribbon in the Idaho State Fair last year, and now this May it won 3rd place at the Pocatello Art Center. I had it entered in the Mixed Media category:
My friend, Carolyn, who took 1st place with a silk screen has taken crazy quilting classes from me.  Congratulations, Carolyn!!!!

    When I went to pick up my piece, I learned that the month of June is devoted to Streams, lakes and the sea!!!  It's not a competition, but a chance to show and maybe sell your artwork. So I took back to the center the same day, my Under The Sea picture that had been featured on Pamela's Crazy Quilt Calendar. You can still purchase any issue by clicking on the link. Lots of talented ladies and beautiful eye candy!!!

   Will keep you posted if this should sell, but won't be heartbroken if it doesn't as it is one of my favorites!!!

  I was proud to be included in the latest issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly, with my article on Cottage Dreaming.  My article is on page 4, but be sure you read the whole magazine, including Betty Pillsbury article (page 5), along with Kathlein Klein's Beaded Butterfly tutorial (page 6), which I do intend to learn! Lots more eye candy, as usual in the whole issue!!! Thanks, Pamela for another great issue!!!!

This is my Cottage piece, still needs a bit of touch up, and be framed.  This was my 3rd class from Judith Baker Montano.
  Yesterday I visited a garage sale and struck gold!!!  Turns out the lady having the garage sale has been a crazy quilt student of mine!! She told me that she had some Japanese silk that I might want, and went into the house to get it.  All white silk, 14" wide, in one long loop, and probably 10 yards...for only $30!!! I just couldn't resist it!!! So glad my hubby called me to come see her garage sale!!!! This will find it's way in many future projects either dyed, painted or printed!!!!

It even has a Japanese stamp on it, which I will cut off and save!!!
   Well, next month I hit a milestone, I will be 65 and eligible for Medicare!!!  How did that happen!!!?  Not ready for it!!! But it is going to be a whirlwind of a summer, my husband has something special planned for my birthday in June, and in July we will make a second trip to Medford, Oregon as our new destination and hopefully move by the end of the summer!!!! So I may not post another blog till September or later, depending on the timing of everything!!!

  Have a great summer, and stay healthy and stitch!!!!


  1. You've been busy! The silk was a definite score - isn't it great when you stumble across something like that in a totally unexpected way. And facing a move - oh boy....that's not much fun to contemplate. Our move into this apartment six years ago is still too fresh in my mind for me to want to even think about doing it again, and we only moved across town and not change states! Good luck (and pre happy birth day wishes too!).

    1. Magpie...is it Mary Anne? I always have a hard time finding your name....thanks for your kind comments. Yes moving is going to be very stressful, though I started packing last summer!!!! I have 2000 books I am keeping that are packed, another 2000 I am getting rid of...lots of dishes and nick nacks are packed...hubby is working on sorting the garage this weekend. we are moving all packed boxes and excess to a storage garage down the street, so by the time we start showing the house most will be packed and out of the house!!! Thanks for reading my blog, I enjoy yours also!!!

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