CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Except, in Idaho...we are just jumping right into winter!!! 

Last night, Sandy surprised my with our second concert of the Home Free!!! I almost always have their you tube videos on while I am sewing!!! Check them out when they are in your area!

Since Christmas is coming around the corner, I thought I would do a blog...
"How Does A Crazy Quilter decorate for Christmas"!!!!
One of my favorites, is my Crazy Quilt Christmas Tree skirt, maybe because it took 10 years to finish!!  Or maybe because it went on several Round Robins that went out to several crazy quilters all over. It was started in 2000. I only have 3 of the Journals that went around (sad face)...if you recognize these pictures, say Hi so I can recognize you.
Some of the names that did sign: Janice-Marie; Laurie Walton; Linda Martin; Diana Johnston; Darlene; Connie; Kathy Link; Nikki Young; Cherryl Morril; Sharon Brewer; Janie Jones; Betty Densford; Dorothy Matheson; Ida Kassler-Billig; Christine Campbell; Phyllis Friesen. If any of you know these ladies, please let me know.  Dorothy is on Facebook, but lost touch with others.  This is before Facebook, when we used to do a email chat line!!

Here's what 8 squares, 12 by 12 look like, just laid out on the floor overlapping. Started in 2000!

This is the finished skirt. With so much bling all over and border, and my tree spins on the green top, it constantly sparkles!!! 

You can see Sonny on left, Mikey in front and Goldie in the back...they always enjoy the tree being up, but have learned to stay off of the skirt....sometimes!!!!

This stocking is special to me, being the very first crazy quilt piece I ever did. Made in 1997, about September. My hubby's mom had just passed in August and we were just sitting around watching TV one evening.  All of a sudden, like a robot I got up, went into my "office" and dug a box of fabrics out of the closet. Now, I hadn't done any sewing in years.  So these were just some scraps I had saved for some reason!!!

  While we continued watching TV, I had hand stitched this together!  I only had one resource stuck in my mind. An article I had saved since 1969!!! From McCall's Needlework and Crafts, Fall-Winter, 1969-1970!!!

You can find these pictures on Pinterest all over.  I just knew when I saw it back then, there was a new way to use my love of embroidery instead of just pillow cases!!!  Though it took me years, I am so hooked!!!

When Sandy saw the stocking, he suggested I use some of the fabric we had discovered after his mother passed  away.  Mind you, this is late September!!! Well, I got to work, using her fabrics I made his family stockings for Christmas!

Still quite simple, compared to what I do today, but it was more special for them because they recognized the fabrics. His mother used to make them pajamas and other items!

The following year, I made this one for one of my sisters.
This one for my very special friend, Shari. I love hearing how after all these years, friends love pulling them out and enjoying each year!

I have also made mini-Christmas Tree skirts! They are fun decorations around vases!

This was made from a store bought skirt I used as a pattern to make this one, again all by hand, while staying in a hotel while my hubby pulled his weekend duty at Travis AFB, sometime before 1999!

Then I thought it would be fun to make a square skirt!
Also in 1998, I started making Christmas tree cones.  Again, a pattern I found in a magazine. What gives them stability is the Styrofoam cone inside, with quilt batting filling them.  The first one I made for me and hubby.

Then I got busy and made Cones for friends and family!!

That's Sissy, my deaf cat admiring the cone!  She lived to the old age of 17, passed in 2005!

And that's Mely, our Norwegian Forest Cat, she too lived a long life and died in 2013! I think this one went to my mom!

Now Christmas is not Christmas without a Santa! 

I have also made ornaments of various types. 

These I  made in Utah and have all been given away!
And then I made these: 

This one won a ribbon at the state fair this year.  Sneak peak...be sure to order Pam Kellogg's magazine in the early 2018 issue, Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine 
I have done a tutorial on how to make one of these!!!

Well, I know, this isn't Christmas yet.  But a crazy quilt has to start BEFORE the season gets here!
Maybe, I will have to make something new this year! Brain is always working!!! 

Be sure to visit Vicki Adams blog and etsy site for lots of eye candy for that special project you are working on!!!  I have been a customer of hers for many years now, and can vouch for her beauties!!!

If you haven't stopped by my Pinterest board lately...and have nothing to do...stop by!


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Well thanks for visiting!!! Happy Stitching!!!


  1. What a treat to see all your Christmas treasures! I keep thinking that I should do a tree skirt but have left it too late to get it done for this year.

    1. they can be daunting...but love bringing it out every year now!!!

  2. Oh my! I am borrowing the tree idea. I think I can finish that this year!

    1. They are really fun to do...get a Styrofoam cone from JoAnns...lay it down on muslin and roll it to get the total size you will need...cq and embellish, sew the seam together and embellish, then slip on cone and fill with batting...my bottoms have a piece of cardboard in them!

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