CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

This post is for all who ask great questions about how to print on fabric. So I will do this post for you!!! 

For my project I want a background of the galaxy, which NASA provides some of the most beautiful pictures we could ever expect to see of the galaxy around us!!
So I choose a picture...any picture you have in mind will work...
Then I put it into a PowerPoint slide.  This program gives me great manipulation of what I want it to look like! If you don't have this program, it can be purchases with Word and Excel as a package.
 A few months ago, my printer died, and we took it in to a repair place, but he said it costs more to fix then just to buy another one! I asked him the difference between inkjet and laser jet, thinking about changing. He asked me, what kind of printing did I do. Well, I said I print a lot of pictures out on fabric. He said, well that determines which one, because laser jets are too hot for fabric!!! I didn't know that, so I bought a new HP Officejet 5746 printer! And I love it!
I do use different brands to print on, depending on my project!  For this project most of everything is printed on white cotton by the June Tailor brand. But the picture below, so other brands I have also used. 
I keep all of these on hand for the next project!!!
I then place the galaxy picture in the PowerPoint like below
I use my snipping tool program to clip out from PowerPoint to give you an idea of the whole page!
I have discovered, that I can print out this picture, put the printed fabric back in and print over it with another PowerPoint that I created. As below...

Which means, you now have a sneak preview of what goes in the center of my quilt, but that's not all!!! Much more will be added to the center of this phase!!!!
But for those who have asked, "How do you get those lettering in color?" Here's how...

As pictured above, I put a picture of a galaxy on the PowerPoint page, select box type at top of page, and then type or insert your phase. It's the little box on your left that has yellow around it!

I have used the Bible program, called e sword on my computer, and copy and paste. Then at the top you can choose your color for the type. 
I try to pick a color that stands out from the background!

So I printed out the first PowerPoint  of the galaxy picture
Now I put it back into the printer, keeping the picture facing down and paper back facing up! And now I print the second PowerPoint right on top of the galaxy picture!

You may not be able to see the constellations well, but I can, and I will be stitching them later!

I hope this helps answer those excellent questions.  And don't be afraid to play!!! After all, 'CREATIVITY TAKES COURAGE"!!!!
Thanks for visiting....Happy Stitching!!!!



  1. Interesting to read your how-to. I don't have Power Point but it does look like fun to play with.

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