CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patty's Day...Hard to believe spring is around the corner already!
This is what we look like today:
I am in the middle of teaching a Basic Crazy Quilt class...pictures after next week! And this week I also will give a talk about the History of Crazy Quilts at the local Historical Museum, again I will include pics later...but for now, I thought I would catch you up on my Gospel in the Stars quilt, which is progressing nicely!!!

Here is a layout of where I am going with this project:

The muslin pieces are laid out to show the next set of blocks to continue with this theme. The center is paper samples to show how the center will be accomplished.

So, I have been busy on the outside blocks. The top right is where I started with Virgo. These blocks will be the main constellation, along with the Decan constellations that help complete the story, which is what Decan means.

So here is Virgo, along with the fabric attached for the backing, which is not finished yet.

These are 9" by 14" blocks. Top and bottom row are horizontal, but the two sides are vertical. My count before starting these was at 819, with this block total count at 43.

Next comes Libra, with a count of 43 also!
Each block will be backed with a new fabric not previously used, with a label on the back.
Scorpio is next, with a count of 44!

Saggitarius is the next, now going vertically, with a count of 37!

Capricorn is the next Vertical block, with a count of 46:

If you look for these stars, they will indicate the count on the constellation circle from ancient days...

I use the same two stars, but each block they will be in a different combo or design!!!

And now Aquarius, with a count of 42, last in the vertical on left side of quilt:

These are what I have completed so far...working on Pisces now. This brings my count to 1074!!!
I am not finishing these pieces till I tackle the center piece. So there's no telling what I may still add before completion!!

Here's all the blocks laid out on the floor...the paper center has moved around, no fear, I know what will go where!!!

This layout will also create four new corners of the quilt. So I have already designed in my head what will go in each of them!!! (Pisces is missing on the lower left, because it is on my table!)

Well, thanks for following my progress on this 2020 Challenge!! This is a fun and challenging project. Stay tuned for more!!!


  1. 2020 is going to be an exciting year! At the rate you are going it will be completed long before then. It’s going to be fabulous!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Shirlee!!! Yes it is going to be a great year...and my goal is to finish it before then, maybe a calendar for 2020 to celebrate, and a book in the making to give the research I have done...stay tuned!!!

  2. A book? Wow - that will be wonderful!! I would love to see this project in person, so a book will be almost as good.

    1. Lol....can always tell who has actually read my blog!! Yes, been putting the research in my journal as I count my stitches, by constellation...I have looked up every Bible quote given in my books, and put them on a word doc, so I can put them in a book form by chapter...that way could describe quilt process and what backs it up!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

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