CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's hard to believe, that fall is just around the corner!!!!
I call this piece Autumn Days!!! I did it at the request of Pamela Kellogg who publishes our Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine. She wanted me to highlight how I incorporate Shibori Ribbon in my artwork.See a tutorial in this issue. Since the magazine is a print on demand, you can order any back issues.
So how did I do at the Idaho State Fair? This is a Christmas ornament that I made at least in 1998!!!
I am featuring a tutorial on how to make it in the above magazine in the first issue of 2018!
 Be watching for that!!!!
The next is a purse I made a couple years ago, sold about 4 of them, and as a last minute, thought about entering in the fair.

The next item is special to me, my dad had asked if I could make him a neck pillow to watch TV with. So I did, using men's silk ties. Kept the stitching to very basic, even some machine stitching so that it would be comfortable.  He loved it, and used it for several years till he passed away in 2006. Then my mom sent it to me.
My last piece is also a favorite of mine. I started it in May 2007 by attending my first of four classes with Judith Baker Montano.  It took me four years to finish it!! It is actually four blocks of 12" by 12", but I embellished it to hide the seams.
I was disappointed to see this hanging by safety pins, upside down, and low enough for kids to pick at. And then it got no recognition!!!
But then we came back a week later and found it had been moved, and covered by plastic!!
I was able to thank Connie Tabor, the superintendent for moving it and for awarding it a gift of her choice!!!
So naturally, I did feel better!!!  Best of all, it is no longer a UFO, and can be hung for me and hubby to enjoy!!!
One thing I have learned about getting crazy quilts into the fair...do not look for "crazy quilts" on their schedule.  When ours added it as a category a couple years ago, they had to be bed size!!!
I look for a category that matches my object...such as below...
See, 541...it's where my ornament was judged under. If I can't find an appropriate category, I have used "Not Specified".  I don't even know how many ornaments were there!! I just find this method gets me more ribbons, 8 out of 9 items!!!
I will get back to my 2020 Challenge after a fun trip planned to Los Angeles. As always, thanks for visiting!!


  1. So glad someone took care of your work. Think I would have been tempted to unpin it from the display on my first visit. I love how you covered the seams in the 4-block piece

    1. Well, I was tempted...but disappointed too...but am ok now!!! I can re enter it next year...

  2. It must have been so upsetting to see your beautiful CQ hung that way and upside down too! It's wonderful that someone recognized its value and hung it properly with the care it deserved. Good for you on the ribbon wins too!

    1. Thanks!!! and yes it was...hubby could tell!!! He told Connie that she made my day!!!!