CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Monday, December 31, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!!!!!!

Well, I am sure ready for a new year!!! I bet you are too!!!
It has been a year of many changes for us. Took another trip to look at Prescott, Arizona in January. Again, felt it was not going to be the right place for us. Ten years of looking was getting old!!! Finally, Lewiston, Idaho seem to find us!! Saw it for the first time in May, then again in June...rented a house in August, began the packing process, sold our house in Pocatello in October, and settled in by the end of October!!! It's been great to have a rest period...but we are on the lookout for a new house to make that last move!!!


I do want to do an update on my 2020 Challenge that Sharron Boggon got us started on in 2017! For any newbies, here's her link on Pintangle.
 First as a catchup, here are the list of previous posts dates, located on the right side of my page:
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You can also see me in my album on Crazy Quilt Divas,  you can also see my progress on my Flickr site, and you can keep up with my progress on my facebook site!!!
So let's do a progress check on the constellations and their decans. Each constellation has 3 decans that help tell the story, making 48 total ancient constellations. I have tried to use lots of embellishments and charms as symbolism of the story! 
Virgo is actually first in the story of the virgin who gives birth to a Son!

Libra is next...watch for the yellow and white stars numbering the block.
Scorpio is number three...look again for the 3 star combo!
 Sagittarius, starts the vertical coming down the left side.
Capricorn is next.

Followed by Aquarius!
Pisces, comes across the bottom edge horizontally.
Aries is in the middle.
Taurus is last horizontally.
Gemini, which is my sign. Comes up vertically on the right side.

Cancer is next.
Leo bringing up the end of the story, as the Tribe of Judah.

Here you see the middle in progress. Each Bible quote points to a constellation with the corresponding message.There are to be added a lot of embellishments still.
And now you can see how the whole quilt is coming together. There are now 4 more corner blocks to be determined. At this point I am at 1400 count. Quilt will be roughly 60" by 60".
On the back of the quilt, I will have these shown as my references for my research!!!


I have a feeling a lot more changes and happenings will be listed for 2019!  I should have more progress made on this quilt; hopefully we will find a house to buy and be moved in. And even a few RV trips in the making!!! Maybe even have some time to work on a couple UFO'S that I still have to finish! I pray you have a wonderful and Blessed Happy New Year for 2019!!!!
All center pictures from the blog of Signs in the Heavens.

Happy Stitching, and as always, thanks for visiting.!


  1. This quilt is an amazing piece of art! Something that I so wish I could see (fondle...with clean hands, of course!) in person. Hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you and that you soon find that forever home and can get settled in.

    1. Thanks so much...it is a wonderful journey!!! stay tuned in the future, maybe I can put it all in a book!!!

  2. С новым годом! Удачи и творческих успехов!