His Story in the Stars

His Story in the Stars
2020 Challenge: His Story in the Stars!!!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Just in time for Veteran's Day!
 I call this piece, "Never Forget"...the fabric is printed with the firemen on it.
I made this last year, but got interrupted by having to pack up my sewing room and moving to Lewiston, Idaho. Since it wasn't finished I packed it in the same plastic bin as the fabrics used.
When it came time to unpack, I couldn't find the piece with all my other finished and unfinished pieces in one big plastic container. Nor could I find pictures of the back, which I always do.
I was terrified that somehow it had gotten stolen or lost for good. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find it one afternoon as I spent going through ALL of my fabric bins to get organized!
No small feat!
So it really warms my heart to receive the news this morning from Katie Bock that it won in her contest for the heading in her blog! Click on her name and go to her blog. 
She has also placed it at the top of her facebook page Crazy Quilt Journal Project .  

I thank Katie and all who voted for me as there was some stiff competition and I loved all of them.  
I am currently finishing my Journal project from 2015 of my peacocks, called Proud as a Peacock....stay tuned for pictures soon...
                           Here's a hint of things to come!!!!

Thanks again, Katie, and I will participate again in 2021!!!

Happy Stitching...


  1. Congratulations! Very deserved win I would say. I'm sure you were heartsick when you weren't able to find it and that you were hugely relieved when it surfaced at last.

  2. Поздравляю с победой! ваши работы чудесные!

  3. I LUV your blog. I am new to Crazy Quilting, still practicing.

  4. Thank you Amy and welcome...I will be doing a new post soon!!! Thanks for following me...